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Principles for an effective driveway 有效划行的原則

Basic principles: 基本原則:

As a matter of anthropometrical and conditional differences between each athlete, even in an effective exercise-movement, there will always be an individual difference in the exercise. To enable an effective work, special principles have to be followed. So in rowing it is possible, to reach a fixed movement-amplitude with an increase of slide-way, or with more use of bodywork. This, for the athlete individual most effective way, to reach this amplitude, is related to the size of the upper- and lower leg in combination to the upper body.

As a result there some principles to describe an efficient technique in sport (watersports).  

每位運動員在體能以及身體測量上都會有差別,即使是一項有效率的運動,仍然會有個別的差異。為了達到有 效率的成果,必須遵守一些特殊的原則。在划船這項運動中,要達成具有斜度增強或者大量身體運動的固定擴 展運動是有可行的。依著每個運動員不同的狀況,要以最有效率的方式來完成擴展運動,則與運動員的大腿和 小腿之間和上半身的比例就很有關係。

因此,以下即針對有效率運動上提出幾點原則。 (watersports). (水上運動)

1. principle:

An effective driveway in watersports, is to achieve with a long way of the drive-medium ( paddle / oarblade ) in the water. The way in opposite drive-direction should be minimized, the way in direction should be maximized.




水上運動是在長距離中以中等力道在水上做有效的划槳,消極的划槳力量應減少而 積極的力量則應增強。


2. principle:

In an effective exercise-movement the movement the center of gravity of a system has to be as small as possible.






3. principle:

Minimizing the horizontal acceleration of parts of this overall-center of gravity during each single cycle of movements, leads to an effective technique.



在每一項運動中要降低身體重心,每個部位須使整體平面加速,以達成有效的技巧 結果。


4. principle:

The athlete has to keep the water-resistance of the boat, with suitable actions, as low as possible.



運動員必須在水上以適當的動作,保持船身在水上的穩定性,並將身體儘可能的壓 低。



                                               nach Prof. Dr. Schwanitz / Joern Grosskopf / Wu Pei-Ling Nov. 1999