Rowing - Specific Scripts / Technique

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4 theses for an effective and efficient rowing - technique


During the drive, the coordination of the leg, body and arm movements should be synchronized in a timewise share manner with optimal usage of power in order to reach its maximum.


在起跑時,腿、身體以及手臂動作的協調應該是同時的,以最佳的能量使用達到最大的爆發力 。


During the catch, focus on the power-output ( force-acceleration , impulse , energy ) , to cause no weakness in the middlepart and the finish of the drive!


在入水時,注意力應放於力量的施放(即迫便加速,推動及能量),才不會引起起跑時中途部份 和最後階段 的無力


During the first part of the drive, be aware that the hand-forces circle around the oarlocks.






To increase the stroke rate, do not obtained only by reducing the time on the recovery, ( but focus on the power of the drive ) .



                                                 nach Prof. Dr. Schwanitz / Joern Grosskopf / Wu Pei-Ling 2000