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Advice for young rowers

Which advice would you give young rowers today on their way, in order to be able to be successful in rowing?

TL: They should decide whether they want to invest much time in rowing.  If they decide in favour, then they should only concentrate on rowing. If they want to be really successful, then they may not train halfheartedly, but should train as much as possible.  If a male or female rower wants to be internationally top-level, then this is only working with 100% commitment. To do only little and then have a look after a while how it is going, is not enough. Serious training, particularly within the elite range, needs very much time. If it does not work nevertheless, then one can change its plans and say, "okay, I see that it does not work, now I concentrate on study or occupation and row only besides that".

On the other hand to start things in a way and say "I want to become world champion, let愀 see, how it is working" is really not the right way!

TL = Thomas Lange / Rudern1.de - June.2005 / translation JG