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‘Charts of Stretching Workouts’ 伸展運動圖

1. sural – muscles 小腿肌伸展

The heels are stepping on the ground, the pelvis moves forwards. 腳跟著地,腰部往前推。




2. Anterior knee – stretcher 上膝擴展

The has to be torn against the buttocks, the pelvis moves forwards. 腳跟頂住臀部腰部往前推





3. Knee – flexor 屈膝

The pelvis moves backwards, the trunk leans forwards. 腹部往後,身體往前傾




4. Inside hip – muscles 鼠蹊部肌

Feet are stepping on the ground and the upper leg will press towards the ground. Displace the body – weight to the opposite side. 雙腳著地,一隻垂直另一隻則是大腿往下壓。重心在垂直的一邊,左右 互換。


5. Hip – flexor 屈臀伸展

Maximum stretching in the hip with upright trunk. 臀部伸展最多,並往上提




6. Hip – stretcher 髖關節伸展

Press the knee with the elbow towards the trunk. 以左手肘將右膝往身體方面壓,反之。



7. Breast – muscles 胸肌伸展

Displace the trunk forwards. 身體於牆壁垂直方向,手置於牆上,胸部往前推。反之。




8. Lower arm – flexor 前臂扭轉伸展

The fingers are showing towards the body, the shoulders are moving backwards.


9. Back – stretcher 背部伸展

Pull the knees towards the breast.


10. Neck muscles 頸部肌肉

Incline the head towards the shoulders, the opposite hand is pressing against the ground. 將頭往肩膀方向斜傾,另一方的手往地面方向壓





  Joern Grosskopf / Wu Pei-Ling , 2.2001