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The Impact of Power – Endurance – Training

on the Effectiveness of Muscles


Nearly every coach and most of the athletes in rowing know about the value of power – endurance – practice (KA) for the improvement of performance ability in rowing and other power – endurance sports.

Most of them know about the effect, but not how it comes to them.

This article should lead to more understanding in this important part of rowing – practice.

Normally an athlete uses during the training only about 60 – 70 % of the muscle – fibers of their muscles. Even with the usual power – practice this will not change basically. Instead the muscle – volume will increase, but still only the same percentage of muscle fibers are going to work.

Scientific researches in the former GDR proved, that the muscle – performance improves significantly with power – endurance – training.

After ~ 30 repeats of a workout with fixed weights ( ~ 50 % of the individual Maximum ) and limited workout – frequence ( ~ 30 SF ) the working muscle gets more and more tired. In this moment a biological adaptation occurs. More and more muscle – fibers will be used to continue the work in the same performance – level until 100 % of the muscle – fibers are working simultaneously. The muscles get used to work with all muscle fibers from beginning of the workout or performance, which enables the athlete to perform at a higher level and continue this performance much longer, than without this special practice.

The knowledge of this kind of adaptation can be most useful and is used in most training – methods to improve the muscle – action – potential, for the benefit during the difficult ‘performance – mix’ of power, endurance, speed and coordination.

Useful Power – Endurance – Programs for Rowing you can find on the refering page.

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