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                                                 Sport – Physiology / 運動生理學

(some guidelines for the training)/(一些訓練上的指導方針)
> Without stimuli no adaptation! 沒有刺激;便沒有適應變化
> Regular aerobic exercises increase the number and size of your blood vessels for better and more         efficient circulation;  正常的有氧運動會增加血管數量及大小而有更好更有效的循環系統。
> Extensive endurance - practice leads to more power ability, by increasing mitochondrias and  capillaries (small blood vessels) in the muscle.

Notice ! : 注意!!

> Power - / weightpractice destroys these mitochondrias and capillaries; especially too much it.                   強力/重量練習會毀壞這些線粒體和毛細管,特別是太多的重量練習。
> Conclusion, focus more on the extensive endurance training; it should be always more than the          power practice in any kind. 因此,多著重於大量耐力訓練。大量的耐力訓練在任何方面總是會比 強力練習還要多。

   (see also regeneration–times /可參閱—再生---次數)

                                                                                                                 Joern Grosskopf / Wu Pei-Ling