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Pulling too hard at the catch, a mental problem!?


According the empirically ascertained line of force during the drive, it seems to be useful to design a special curve for each different boat – category.

The power-output at the catch in a single is totally different to the power-output of an eight. For those rowers, who normally a focused on rowing in an eight, it seem to be useful, to row a stroke with the line of force of an eight, even in the practice in a pair or single.

Mental problems can occur in cases, when a rower who normally rows in a single, but his/her mental desire to pull as hard as possible leads to a too heavy load at the catch, which normally results in a lack of acceleration during the rest of the drive. This leads automatically to a decreased speed. Continued for a longer time

( especially in a race, where it is most fatal ) the body can not stand this load and will ‘die’ sooner or later.

Getting the feeling for the right load at the catch can/should be learned by time and renewed during the whole time of the rowing-career. The necessary line of force can / has to be designed for each boat – category new. Sometimes this has to happen separately.

The rower has to learn, how to recall this feeling again if necessary, while training or racing in a boat, that is different to the boat – category she/he normally rows in.

“Don’t pay out too much at the catch,…”  Zitat from rowing technique

Joern Grosskopf, 2000