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                                 Slide Control / 滑軌的控制

Rushing up the slide slows down the whole boat, as well as makes catches sloppy and often late.

So, how do you control the slide? 那麼,要怎樣控制滑軌?

Work on holding your knees down as you swing your arms and back out from the finish position.
Quick hands away give you all that more time to slowly easy yourself up the slide.
Really concentrate on pulling yourself up to the catch position with your toes.
Maintaining control is very important. There's no use controlling your slide if you lunge at the last 1/4 of it!
從回槳完成後的那一刻起,便開始應用你的手臂以及背部,而同時學著控制膝蓋,控制它往下。給多自己更多的時 間慢慢地輕鬆地將滑軌回復原位。努力專注在用腳趾將自己拉回到入水的姿勢。持續的控制是很重要的。如果 你在滑軌的最後1/4衝刺的話, 那麼想要控制你的滑軌就沒有任何用處了。

Often slide speed gets out of control, when a crew builds to a high stroke rate. It's important to remember that you want to build power and quickness through the drive, rather than speed up your recovery time. Rushing the slide only cheats yourself from precious time you could spend resting before each stroke. The recovery seems to go by faster than each drive through, and you hardly feel like your moving. 當整隊建立了太高的槳頻時,那麼滑軌的速度就時常會失控。記重, 你是要在划槳的過程中建立起力量和速度, 而不是加速回槳時間。在每一新槳之前一段你可用來休息的珍貴時間中,急速滑軌只會騙了自己。回槳似乎比每 一划的完成還要快, 而你幾乎感覺不到你在移動。


Having strong legs definitely helps you to maintain your recovery speed. I've found a good way to practice slowly drawing myself up to the foot stretchers is to do squats. As I bend my knees, I lower myself in a very slow, controlled manner. As my knees hit 90 degrees, I push up hard and fast. This helps with both your drive through, as well as your slide control. 擁有一雙強健的隻腿絕對可幫助你維持回槳的速度。我發現一個很好的方法來練習將自己慢慢的往上拉至腳 部伸展器, 就是練習往下蹲。當我彎我們雙膝時,我將自己的身體往下壓,以非常緩慢,且在控制下的方式。這樣可同時幫助 你整個划槳過程以及滑軌的控制。

Whatever rate you're rowing, slide control is definitely an important factor. It helps keep the boat moving smoothly along the water, and allows you to make quick, clean catches.
Just remember to get the hands quickly down and away from the finish position and get the back position set before you begin to draw yourself up with your knees. Make sure you're bending from your hips. Use your toes to control your movement as you bring yourself up the tracks. As you reach the catch, make sure you lock your blade in and drive!  不論你是以那個划頻在划,滑軌的控制絕對是一項很重要的因素。它有助於使船在水上平順的行進, 並且使你做出簡潔又快速的入水。只要記住讓雙手從回槳的動作快速的往下並往前,並在你開始用膝蓋將自己 往上拉之前,做好背部的動作。要確定你是否是從你的臀部開始彎曲。當你將自己往滑軌上推時,運用你的腳趾 控制你的動作。當你要入水時, 確定你將槳葉鎖住然後划槳。

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