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                                                 7 important rules  七項重要常規

Back-muscle problems can have several reasons. Very often a functional weakness of the muscles is involved. Tensioned or cramped muscles as well as missing use of muscles nowadays, which begin to decrease performance ability, are causing these kind of problems. To solve these problems you have to train back- and abdominal muscles.
背部肌肉問題產生的原因有許多。時常是牽涉到肌肉機能上的弱點。緊張或是痙攣,就像是肌肉不當的使用, 而倒致表現能力下降,緊張或痙攣都是造成肌肉問題產生的原因。要解決這樣的問題,就必需訓練你的背肌, 以及腹部的肌肉。

To get the desired effect you should care about the following hints:

1.Warm up before the training
2.Do the workouts always 3 – 4 times a week ~ ˝ hour. ( sometimes it is possible to include the training into the actual trainings-program ). Plan the required time into your daily and weekly timetable, otherwise you will always try to find an excuse to skip the practice.
Only the periodicity of training leads to the desired progress.
練習應是每次約半小時,一星期3到4次。有時候也可以將平常的訓練放進正式的訓練課表中。將每天及每週所 需的訓練時間寫入時間表內,這樣才不會給自己找藉口逃避練習的機會,只有循環式的訓練可以達成所預期 的進步。
3.Care about correct realization of the workout. Very often there are only small items, which decide about the success of a workout.
Use a soft bolster for the workouts on the ground.
徹底了解訓練的內容。因為通常決定訓練效果的成功與否都是來自於訓練內容的小地方。在操場上練習時可 用個柔軟的墊子。
4.Do the workout slowly and rhythmic. Jerky movements stress the spine and joints.
5.Breathe normal and rhythmic. Catch breath during the relaxation phase and release during the phase of tension. Breathe normal during static loads.
6.Choose at least 10 workouts with 10 – 30 repeats, to plan your desired practice.
Repeat the workouts 4 – 6 times, with 30 sec. rest between each workout.
You can also choose more different workouts and decrease the number of repeats.
計劃預期的練習上,選出至少十種訓練,各重覆10-30次。整個訓練重覆4-6次,每次訓練之間的休息時間為30 秒。你也可以選擇更多不同的運動訓練,增加反覆的次數。
7.Remember, that you mustn’t be totally tired, to achieve the desired effect of the

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